Welcome to Perkins Nursery

 Celebrating 42 Years!

Perkins Nursery is a wholesale nursery and was established in 1977 as a father and son operation. Vernon and Danny Perkins started the nursery as a 3 acre foliage plant production. After 3 years it quickly changed course to landscape plants and found the native sector to be truly the desire. In 1985 Danny married Debbie, who joined the business to help with marketing and sales. A sister Kathy came on board in 2003 to take on the office management.

After collecting natives from the wild we began to containerize the plants especially the Serenoa repens, commonly know as the Saw Palmetto. After a few years of collecting the natives and some experimenting, we realized starting from seed would be the best production method.

From our humble beginnings of a 3 acre nursery, we evolved to 55 acres of native plant production. We are proud to be the Saw Palmetto king. And over the years our love for natives brought us also into production of needle palm, sabal minor and coontie.

Harvesting the majority of our own seed has been essential for our production. We have been developing our own seed banks because of losing our sources of some seed development. Our hope is to be able to continue to be a stable supplier of Serenoa repens both green and silver for many years to come.

Research has always been a key element and desire of Perkins Nursery. to learn ourselves and educate our customer base on the use of native plants. We are proud to be operating under BMP (Best Management Practices) recognized by the State of Florida.

Celebrating 42 years 1977-2019